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Molding Champions

For Ages 4-13


Each summer, for 8 weeks, our champions are challenged to take on the lens of various career professions. Champions are able to view each profession by participating in STEAM, drama, sports, and entrepreneurship activities. During instruction time, champions review the importance of each activity and how it relates to our lives. Our Champion Mentors' thorough lesson plans are detailed roadmaps, that excites campers experience in each vocation double-edged duties.

By the end of summer, campers are able to decompress each career pathway into 1 entrepreneur and operate their very own business. All entrepreneurs understand the importance of academics, good work ethics, and a positive mindset. Champions enjoy the fruits of their labor by hosting a pop-up shop in a nearby community.  



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For Ages 4-13

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Camp Champions 2024

Weekly Schedule
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Week 1 (07/01): Entrepreneurship Week 1 

Week 2 (07/08): STEAM & Sports Week

Week 3 (07/15): Theater Week

Week 4 (07/22): Culinary Arts Week

Week 5 (07/29): Entrepreneurship Week 2

Now Enrolling

Camp Champions Open Enrollment

Ends March 31, 2024

Camp Champions Scholarships

Natural Born Champions offers summer program scholarships for families who are in need of financial assistance. Camp Champions Scholarships are available in 3 tiers. First tier: participant receives a free registration fee waiver. Second tier:  a trial run free of cost for 1 week. (current members ineligible). Third Tier: camp champions on NBC; NBC will sponsor 1 campers full summer experience. 

2024 Field Trips & Special Guest Thursdays

Checkout the site periodically for monthly promotions and deals. You may also subscribe and become a site member and we will email you all Camp Champion updates. 

Fees may apply.

Camp Closures: 

July 4th, 2024

Special Guest: 

07/03: ACD Consulting (Designing our future)  (free)

07/07: Pro, NBA & WNBA Meet & Greet (free)

07/18: Baltimore Improv Groups (BIG)  (free)

07/25: Sistah Sweets (free)

Field Trips: 

07/17:  National Museum of African American History & Culture (DC) (Free)

08/01: Beaver Dam

 ($5/camper & $20/adult)

Submit Field Trip Fees via

Cash App: $NaturalBornChampions

Venmo: @NaturalBornChampions 


*Include camper(s)' name in notes for each payment. 

Camp Champions 2024
Camp Champions 2024
Jul 01, 2024, 8:30 AM
The NBC Center
Camp Champions: Event
Camp Schedule
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