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Educational Programs

NBC just cause is to combat the school-to-prison pipeline! We're here to provide enrichment services all school year to better prepare our champions to become goal-oriented and college and career prepared.  

School Year Programs 

  • Before & After School Programming 

  • Mentorship Pathway Programs

  • Transportation 

  • NBC Tutoring 

  • Family Workshops

Educational Programs: Values
Educational Programs: Video

Program Breakdown

Virtual Learning Assistance Program (VAP) + Tutoring 

With the COVID pandemic still having a unfortunate effect on our students, the NBC community is here to assist families and educators during virtual learning hours.  

In VAP, students will have 1-to-1 assistance during school, teachers will be able to communicate with a Champion Mentor to ensure students are following & can comprehend the curriculum . 

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Little Champions Care 

Natural Born Champions Inc. Little Champion Care acts as a pre-k/kindergarten prep course for ages 2-4. All of our employees have a healthy amount of experience in the child & youth care field. We also continue our education every trimester to ensure we are providing the best care we possibly can.


Our mission is the keep students motivated, afford them opportunities other head-start program doesn’t, and to explore as many options as we potentially can to help each participant prosper.

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Before & After School Programming

Before Care


Morning Arrival & Structured Play

Morning Snack & Gross Motor

NBC Activity & Tutoring

Read aloud/quiet reading/dismissal

After Care


Afternoon Arrival & Free Play

Afternoon Snack & Homework/Tutoring


NBC Activity

Free Play & Dismissal

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NBC Transportation

Our mission is to get our champions to & from school safely each day. Transportation is an additional feee but is available for students 5-7 miles of the NBC site. This service is perfect for parents who have an early day or have an older child that supervises younger siblings until their parent returns home. 

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Educational Programs: Our Programs

Highlights of the NBC Program

It's Non-Contractual


All Educational Program are scheduled on a monthly and weekly basis. Families utilize our services as needed. Parents are not obligated to pay when their champion isn't in attendance

Field Trips Included

All Educational Program include scheduled quarterly field trips free of cost for all participants. If a participant has more than 1 unsatisfactory grade, they will be ineligible to participate until their grades improve.

School Partnerships


Get a quote and bring NBC programming to your niche! We offer all NBC educational  and professional development programs to our school partners. Get a quote today!

Educational Programs: About

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