Our Values

Here to Create a Positive Impact

Natural Born Champions (NBC), is a community intervention program that aims to provide direct educational and extracurricular services for the inner-city youth and educators in Baltimore City, Maryland. NBC’s mission is to condition and empower youthful minds to realize their full academic potential. We take honor in integrity, altruism, confidence, hard-work and sacrifice.

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NBC Before & After Care Program

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and school closings, NBC Virtual Assistance Program helps aides students, families, and teachers by being a resource of assistance to students during their school day. This program will host 10 students weekly, starting March 8th, in activities, tutoring, quarterly field trips, and so much more! Reserve your weeks today!

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Educational Programs

What makes us different?

NBC aims to make a difference amongst the students, teachers, and within their communities. 


  • Improve Test Scores

  • Increase Homework completion 

  • Retain Educators 

  • Build school community 

  • Modify Educators approach to teaching 


NBC Curriculum

Active Discovery

  • Students participate in daily entrepreneurial activities that enriches their knowledge in innovating their very own business.

  • Students then retail their very own goods and/or services to NBC members and to the school community.

  • The curriculum includes mandatory active tutoring based on material experienced within the previous academic year, then becoming acclimated on their current school year and in the ladder, students will be introduced to the upcoming material.

  • NBC mentors keep track of students progress quarterly, similar to what’s being done in the school. NBC will also speak to the positive influences that will predetermine students' success.  

  • The goal is to keep mentor-teacher communication as consistent as possible to ensure mentors are following along with the curriculum.